Velocity Leveling Systems


Velocity Performance Suspension Systems

Velocity Off-Road Inc has set a new level of design and finished quality in leveling kits.
Our kits are quick and easy to install providing an economical way to correct the nose down attitude
of most factory ride heights on trucks and 4x4's. A full lift kit can cost thousands and often requires additional fabrication making it difficult to return to factory configuration if required.

In one third of the time you can level your ride and install a larger wheel package without any compromise on the factory ride.

A Velocity kit is supplied complete with all hardware and easy to follow installation instructions.

Buy Once. Buy Right. Questions you NEED to ask at the bottom of the page.

To ensure quality we manufacture in house and every facet is overseen by a dedicated team of professional enthusiasts. We have no time nor space for freeloaders in our crew that may cause compromise.

For the same reason we take no shortcuts using inferior materials or second rate manufacturing.
No welded steel, no castings and definitely no plastic or rubber. Our design team come from a background of aerospace engineering and we believe it results in superior performance reflected in
any product wearing the Velocity name.






Is the product supplied with clear detailed installation instructions?

We have seen products where there are either no instructions or they are in poorly translated english making it potentially diificult or indeed impossible for a hassle free DIY installation.

What is the spacer made from?

Welded steel, cast alloy or polyurethane is a common cheaper manufacturing method.
Velocity however chooses to use precision machined T6-6061 billet aluminium for a
superior product.

What grade hardware is supplied?

This is an EXTREMELY important question to ask! As all our products are designed by qualified engineers we use the right grade! Grade 8 or above where required. Many others do not! We cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Some products are unfit for use!

If the spacer is aluminium is it anodized?

A raw finish will oxidize rapidly given the exrtreme environment in a wheel arch. Some claim tumble finishing gives enough durability... We say it does not. The simple fact is quality anodizing is the only way to preserve and protect the spacer and keep it looking like a quality modification not just a backyard hatchet job. Oh yes... We also have a laser etched logo to show its a quality product and not just a 'Cheap Charlie'. Sweet.

Can I talk to the designer and manufacturer?

Well this is where in the majority of 'online' products you are probably going to have trouble. Not all,
but most. With Velocity it is simple. Our manufacturing and sales tech support is located in one facility in California.

Where is the product ACTUALLY made?

A great deal of leveling kits we have seen even shipped within the USA come in generic packaging from China. The usual giveaway is the instruction sheets in 'Chinglish' which usually are comical at best, useless at worst for the DIY enthusiast. With a Velocity Off-Road product you are talking to the people that designed it and made it.

When you add it all up the choice becomes simple.

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